Its 2014 yet you still find the youth of today unemployed no education whatsoever and all they want is for things to be handed to them on a silver platter. I have had my fair share of struggle and getting lost in this path of life but what is important is that one get gets up moves on and continue with the hustle and the struggle as difficult as it be may be.

This blog is about empowering each other as the youth of this country in lending a helping hand where it is necessary especially in ones field of expertise. With all the knowledge and technology that we are exposed to its only humanly right for one to be able to assist a fellow person. Whether one does it via mentorship, financially or just being available and be the ear that listens to that one particular person whose cry is never heard.

We are all living in this modern busy century with all the immense changes that take place almost daily and our lives are always the main priority  above everyone else. Don’t get me wrong, one can be that selfish and is entitled to be, but at the end of the day no man is all by himself in this world.

I want you to look at where you are today.

Where you are coming from?

How many people have managed to be where you from where you are from and at your age you?

I know our paths are not the same, but what is that you are willing to share to those who are disadvantaged and through your help can be better equipped to help others?

Welcome to my blog ………………………..