Story without an ending

Such is life.

Its an never ending story it is who we are and what and whom we chose it to be whether circumstance lead us to the decision we make or voluntarily we choose our path.

We can choose which way to go and how to go about in leading that way. One thing that will never fail you is your gut feeling and the experience once has experienced will always be your guideline. No route is gone through with a lesson learned.

Most graduates have a mentally that upon the completion of their chosen field of study it is within their right to be employed for what they had studied but that is never the case depending on the experience one has sometimes the best way to quip and learn is to start at the bottom of the corporate ladder and up you go.

Being CONTENT with what one has is the key to leaving a successful and happy life although that does not limit one to be stuck and not learn of ways to prosper and full fill the maximum capacity of what one can achieve.

It is always about sharing what you know and learning what you do not know from other this is Ina Ethe.

Selfishness and Self pity are very poisonous even for the most talented and clever minded human being.

Never underestimate the one below because they are not as fortunate as you are.

Avail yourself to self criticism and appreciate every opportunity your are blessed with.

The story without an ending evolves around you.





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