Lets groom each other

I feel saddened by the troublesome circle that has somewhat taken over the generation of today it seems that the youth have forgotten what a community is and it what is stands for. We are no more a shamed of showing off the ill disciplines of the careless deeds that one associates themselves with.

I am not judging anyone but at the end of the day the way one portrays themselves in the public is exactly the way one is perceived to be. Sad but true

I know school was never popular to those who were always considered the hype and cool ones in your day and age and look at where they are today. I want you that had the opportunity to see the gates of the higher learning of education to be able to assist that little girl/ boy that is showing interest in that particular subject and guide him/her to be able to reach and fulfil their potential.

You ask a child who is in high school nowadays what they want to be when they grow up and the answer is alarming “I don’t know” is the reply.

It’s now in September and I am very much sure the number of disadvantage matriculants did not apply for further learning because:

  1. They were not aware of the closing date of the application and that one can apply using their June results.
  2. They do not know which field to do study
  3. There was no one to motivate them to think about studying further

Another problem I have become aware of and I once felt trap to is. “After matric you must go and study”.

We need to provide information of different courses that are available in the different faculties in the Universities, Universities of Technology and even the EFT colleges.

These can be made available as early as when a child enters high schools or at Grade 9 so that they are aware that the subjects they choose will dictate the direction they choose after matric.

REPEATING your matric because your results were not satisfactory to entrance to higher learning or even having to do an advance programme to be able to achieve your desired goal is better than choosing a course that is not what you had desired for just because you have to be a registered student.

It’s amazing how many gems are growing up just under our noses in our communities but because of no motivation and lack of responsibilities from their parents they end up being that other boy/girl that used to be so good at school but now his just part of the statistics of the unemployed youth of this country.

It is and was never easy for anyone but because you never gave up it means that the same courage you possess you can  share with that little one and see the change it does in their life.

A simple thing as listening to the child speak and if not ignorant you will hear that voice telling you exactly what they wish to become.

Let us groom those gems so that they can be the example that with the right guidance and assistance anything is possible if you really want it.





2 thoughts on “Lets groom each other

  1. Hi Ina Ethe
    It is so sad.

    I just think the 2014 generation have other priorities – I am not sure where they get the idea of just seating around will get you a job. I understand of kids from Rural areas those kids are hungry for education and are wiling to study with a candle in a cold shack to make sure they get out of that situation.
    Kids in locations are in gangs , raping and killing. Parents have lost all hope as their young girls and boys would rather smoke Tik whole day than go to school 😦



    • Question that should be raised is one of many what the main cause of the youth in the urban areas to do such. Are they exposed to too much of everything? Televison, movies, play station, illegal selling of substance to adolescences. Is maybe the lack of role models in their communities and the poor living areas they are brought up in. In the rural areas Iwill say the family values spiritual and disrespect is installed at a young age I think that is what differentiates these 2 groups.


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