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Story without an ending

Such is life.

Its an never ending story it is who we are and what and whom we chose it to be whether circumstance lead us to the decision we make or voluntarily we choose our path.

We can choose which way to go and how to go about in leading that way. One thing that will never fail you is your gut feeling and the experience once has experienced will always be your guideline. No route is gone through with a lesson learned.

Most graduates have a mentally that upon the completion of their chosen field of study it is within their right to be employed for what they had studied but that is never the case depending on the experience one has sometimes the best way to quip and learn is to start at the bottom of the corporate ladder and up you go.

Being CONTENT with what one has is the key to leaving a successful and happy life although that does not limit one to be stuck and not learn of ways to prosper and full fill the maximum capacity of what one can achieve.

It is always about sharing what you know and learning what you do not know from other this is Ina Ethe.

Selfishness and Self pity are very poisonous even for the most talented and clever minded human being.

Never underestimate the one below because they are not as fortunate as you are.

Avail yourself to self criticism and appreciate every opportunity your are blessed with.

The story without an ending evolves around you.




Freedom comes with Responsibility

One is exposed to so much information nowadays yet regardless of the exposure all this is not utilised accordingly and to its core purpose. Information am referring to is raging from family values, principles, proper upbringing and Education (religion, institution of learning, sex education) to mention a few.

We grow up in households where respect is instilled at an early age yet as we grow up that is the first thing we start to lose and always tend to go the other direction. The reality of it all Freedom comes with Responsibility.

One enters higher institution of learning knowing full well what they are there for, because of the freedom that one is not used to having the direction seems take to take a different route. We lose those values, principles and the education that is known to us.

Staying far away from home is there best time for one to be able to adjust grow and fends for one self. You are exposed to the world as it is. Your character is shown during this time of your life. This is when you get to know yourself and what you stand for. Your values and self consciousness are at the most vulnerable and yet fragile at this point.

This is the time when all that you were though at home come into action this is the practical world. This is when you must choose the sheeps from wolves. This is when the wolves are covered in sheeps cloth. This is a very crucial part of your growth and well being.

Priorities play are very crucial and vital at this stage as you have accessed to everything you need to be able to differentiate what is that you need and what is it that you don’t really need at this point in time. Party life vs Study life is very stressful when one cannot priorities. There will always be parties and bashes round about the same time as submissions of assignment and test that must be written and one needs to prepare for those thoroughly.

There are no parents that will be there to be holding your hand during this time You are alone and you will need to stand up for what you believe in and make it work. Most importantly you need you need to remember what your main aim goal and objective is.




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Lets groom each other

I feel saddened by the troublesome circle that has somewhat taken over the generation of today it seems that the youth have forgotten what a community is and it what is stands for. We are no more a shamed of showing off the ill disciplines of the careless deeds that one associates themselves with.

I am not judging anyone but at the end of the day the way one portrays themselves in the public is exactly the way one is perceived to be. Sad but true

I know school was never popular to those who were always considered the hype and cool ones in your day and age and look at where they are today. I want you that had the opportunity to see the gates of the higher learning of education to be able to assist that little girl/ boy that is showing interest in that particular subject and guide him/her to be able to reach and fulfil their potential.

You ask a child who is in high school nowadays what they want to be when they grow up and the answer is alarming “I don’t know” is the reply.

It’s now in September and I am very much sure the number of disadvantage matriculants did not apply for further learning because:

  1. They were not aware of the closing date of the application and that one can apply using their June results.
  2. They do not know which field to do study
  3. There was no one to motivate them to think about studying further

Another problem I have become aware of and I once felt trap to is. “After matric you must go and study”.

We need to provide information of different courses that are available in the different faculties in the Universities, Universities of Technology and even the EFT colleges.

These can be made available as early as when a child enters high schools or at Grade 9 so that they are aware that the subjects they choose will dictate the direction they choose after matric.

REPEATING your matric because your results were not satisfactory to entrance to higher learning or even having to do an advance programme to be able to achieve your desired goal is better than choosing a course that is not what you had desired for just because you have to be a registered student.

It’s amazing how many gems are growing up just under our noses in our communities but because of no motivation and lack of responsibilities from their parents they end up being that other boy/girl that used to be so good at school but now his just part of the statistics of the unemployed youth of this country.

It is and was never easy for anyone but because you never gave up it means that the same courage you possess you can  share with that little one and see the change it does in their life.

A simple thing as listening to the child speak and if not ignorant you will hear that voice telling you exactly what they wish to become.

Let us groom those gems so that they can be the example that with the right guidance and assistance anything is possible if you really want it.







Its 2014 yet you still find the youth of today unemployed no education whatsoever and all they want is for things to be handed to them on a silver platter. I have had my fair share of struggle and getting lost in this path of life but what is important is that one get gets up moves on and continue with the hustle and the struggle as difficult as it be may be.

This blog is about empowering each other as the youth of this country in lending a helping hand where it is necessary especially in ones field of expertise. With all the knowledge and technology that we are exposed to its only humanly right for one to be able to assist a fellow person. Whether one does it via mentorship, financially or just being available and be the ear that listens to that one particular person whose cry is never heard.

We are all living in this modern busy century with all the immense changes that take place almost daily and our lives are always the main priority  above everyone else. Don’t get me wrong, one can be that selfish and is entitled to be, but at the end of the day no man is all by himself in this world.

I want you to look at where you are today.

Where you are coming from?

How many people have managed to be where you from where you are from and at your age you?

I know our paths are not the same, but what is that you are willing to share to those who are disadvantaged and through your help can be better equipped to help others?

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